Financing Guidelines

The Council has developed several useful materials designed to assist borrowers, and other interested parties, in understanding the tax-exempt financing process.

Financing Methods

Provides general information regarding the types of financings available through the Council, including a brief description of the different resolutions that must be passed by the Council for the various types of borrowings.

Participants in a Financing

Discusses the roles of the various parties involved in a financing.

Forms of Credit Enhancement

Describes the different types of credit enhancements that might be utilized in a tax-exempt financing, including bond insurance and letters of credit.

The Rating Process

Provides valuable information regarding the rating process, including the relationship between credit quality, ratings and yield, the credit criteria used in the rating process, and documentation requirements.

Costs Associated with Issuing Tax-Exempt Bonds

Outlines the costs that a borrower can expect in connection with issuing debt.

Financing Guidelines

Details the various steps associated with tax-exempt financing, including structuring the financing and pricing the bond issue, and provides information regarding disclosure requirements.

Preparing for the Council Meeting

Provides information regarding how to prepare for the project plan presentation to the Council.

Please contact us if you would like additional information about any of these topics or the activities of the Council.