Project Plans

  • A general description and location of the proposed project;
  • A statement of how the proposed project will promote the health, safety, security and welfare of the citizens of the surrounding area;
  • The maximum amount of bonds to be issued, including, if applicable, the maximum amount of outstanding debt to be refinanced and a description of the outstanding debt;
  • The maximum total dollar amount of the proposed health-related equipment to be reimbursed, acquired or constructed, including an estimated schedule of expenditures and, if applicable, the date of expenditures for amounts to be reimbursed;
  • A statement of when the bonds are proposed to be issued;
  • A letter or resolution from the city or county in which the project is to be located indicating support for the project by the city or state;
  • A commitment letter, letter of intent to purchase, or a placement letter from an underwriter of the proposed revenue bonds; and,
  • A security deposit of $1,500, which will be credited against the origination fee.